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Space Dozer for Android


The Apps Review experts are professionally enumerating about latest Android puzzle game called Space Dozer. If professional game lovers adore Sokoban, then everyone prefers Space Dozer for Android.

Space Dozer for Android is qualitatively based on the reputed Sokoban, however every relevant level in Space Dozer has cogent possible solutions with optimum solution feature. Space Dozer for Android was efficaciously marveled by d14Studios firm who consider themselves specialist in game development.

The main concept of this Space Dozer for Android game is to actively eliminate the uninhabitable planets of the galaxy. The passionate users are provided with a powerful space dozer so it is easier in achieving for pushing planets in groups or hatches connected to relevant black holes. The effective situation would conclusively result where all planets are aligned so that they would be consumed largely by the black hole and the level would be wholly completed.


With regard from The Apps Review experts Space Dozer for Android games consists of respective exclusive features. First of all they have simple game play. This entertaining game comprises the facile controls as in the original Sokoban, where passionate user had to just move ship close to a planet and control your direction arrows for getting it close to the targeted black hole area.

The global users who entertain playing Space Dozer for Android have particular Optimum Solution. Each entertaining puzzle could be solved in numerous ways; however there is one of those prime solutions which are optimal, as it would qualitatively set the minimum number of moves in effectively solving the amazing level.

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AppsRead Directory – Top Ranked Apps Review Directory


The AppsRead Directory was efficaciously marveled to bridge the gap between specialty mobile apps sectors, which were efficiency starved, and respective App Developer, which were passionate for exclusive global app market opportunities. It was not long after its cogent conceptualization that it virtually turned around the mobile app culture with their revolutionary novel approach and radical techniques.

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Through the years, the top ranked apps review directory namely AppsRead Directory has come to be known as the most dependable and competent, full service with respect to accurate Mobile App Reviews worldwide. They focus with intention of giving relevant recommendation towards reputed mobile apps for benefit of global users.

The Top Ranked Apps Review Directory namely AppsRead Directory has well supported more than lakhs of mobile app reviews around the globe.Founded and lead by several Apps review experts since a decade, ApsRead Directory has certainly emerged as the efficacious solutions, with a reputation that is matchless.


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AppsRead Directory would specially guarantee enhanced competitive edge to their prospective mobile app developers through their unsurpassed name of the mobile app technology industry.

They concurrently value the global app users and efficaciously ensure they are in the right hands. It is because of this amazing resolute drive that has established professionally as an unrivaled name.

They qualitatively boast of the global app user’s trust due to the transcendent approach, international expertise and virtuousness of their expedient team of Apps Review experts to offer them a beneficial advantage over their competitors. Their continually expandable clientele is special marked evidence of the same. Today, AppsRead Directory has really enriched to be regarded as the top specialists, and the top pioneers of the Mobile App Review industry.


Enlight for iOS


The experts from TheAppsReview have discovered a new iOS for benefit of global users. It is believed that now, most passionate mobile photographers and professional practitioners of the hugely regarded selfie genre are quite familiar with Facetune. They are the familiar iOS photo editing app from Lightricks.

Facetune actually assists in developing portraits look a lot better than global user might expect with tools that ameliorate skin tone and texture, qualitatively fix up messy hair, apply relevant makeup, normal sculpt faces into a more attractive shape and actively blur out backgrounds.

The efficacious Facetune developers cherish again with Enlight for iOS, a new photo editing app that expediently builds on the image processing technologies first processed in Facetune. They provide a latest iPhone photo editor featuring pro-level options and considerably maintain a consumer level simplicity of usage.

TheAppsReview evaluates and analyzed with accurate process to end up saying Enlight for iOS is completely intuitive, especially if global user are already been utilizing few of the familiar image editing apps on your phone, respectively as VSCO Cam, Aviary, SnapSeed and relatively others.


Everyone wants to make things simpler and do works in easy manner. For achieving this one has to apply many beneficial mobile apps that exist in App Store. For finding out the right kind of mobile app TheAppsReview greatly helps user to select beneficial apps and buy according to recommendations given by TheAppsReview. Purchasing accurate and beneficial mobile app from App Store needs some kind of talents but TheAppsReview greatly assists user for purchasing right app.

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CallMaster-Caller identify &Free Recharge


CallMaster, better than truecaller, your intelligent Communication Assistant. Earn free talktime.
Want to identify caller ID, block spam, backup address book,classify massage? Just let CallMaster help you! CallMaster, a free and convenient communication tool, can help you to pick up the right call, get the right message, easily backup your contacts and classify your message, and it is also able to find both public and private phone number for you. Start to have a try!

Parking 3D – Car Parking


Parking 3D – Car Parking is the latest parking game filled with 50 exciting levels and stunning environments. But are you a precision driver or can you park before the time run outs? Take the challenge and test your racing and parking skills now!
This is an easy to play but hard to master game. Overcoming obstacles like roadblocks,bumps, tyres and mastering the levels in time is more like a car stunt. Game gets challenging as the speed of the cars increases with each level.