Code for Gold

Code for Gold

In the past few years, it’s become harder for people to find developers who continue to release quality learning apps that they would purchase without hesitation. Fortunately, Code for Gold developed by Zyrobotics LLC is one of those efficacious app introduced for kids to actively learn the basics of coding.

This app of Code for Gold is another fun, interactive, educational game to efficaciously assist kids in learning the basics of coding. With quality accessible interface, kids of all ages and abilities could use commands, sequences, loops to solve adventures and hard challenges.

During challenge mode, the kids could choose pick their own character and test their coding abilities one challenge at a time. Moreover this expedient coding app is designed to expose kids to programming concept through block-based coding. Even the teachers can even use this app as an hour of code lesson for their classroom. Altogether learning to code assist kids in developing problem solving skills and professionally prepares them for the future.

Code for Gold

Salient Features of Code for Gold app

  • You can learn the basics of coding with simple to complex commands, sequences, and loops.
  • It qualitatively combines audio, visual, and touch inputs to enhance multi-sensory learning
  • Experience the one-touch input for assistance in improving hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills for children
  • Possible to switch-accessible for children with motor limitations who use an external switch generally connected through a Bluetooth switch interface
  • You have no in-app purchases or advertisements.

With simple to use interface kids could interact with animated characters and using several basic programming commands they actively learn how sequences, variables, and even loops work. The quality part is that they have fun doing it, thus it is wholly perceived as a game rather than a traditional learning venue.

Description of App features

Coding for kids

It teaches programming basics by exposing kids to the basics of coding with simple to complex commands, sequences and even loops. It adeptly relies on the multi-sensory learning techniques based on their input.

Challenge mode

Kids could play the game in challenge mode, where kids pick their characters to solve coding challenges. Once a challenge is completed, they can advance to the next.

Code for Gold

Tutorial & Code Your Own Adventure

The tutorial illustrates first time users how to use the commands for coding. Moreover the Code Your Own Adventure mode permits constructing your own challenges for you and your friends to solve.

Voice guidance

As this app is targeted for kids, a friendly voice accompanies any task in the game. It makes simpler for kids to understand what they require to do in a friendly teaching environment.

Quality 3D graphics

All characters in this game are expediently animated and feature full 3D characteristics. It makes the game appealing and acts as an animated tutor that professionally teaches kids through games.

Finally anyone who adores special learning app for kids will surely enjoy what they experience in Code for Gold that’s for sure. Learning to code prepares kids for the world we live in today. Learning to code helps kids develop problem solving and computational thinking skills. Kids of all abilities can learn the foundations of coding with Code for Gold.




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