GAMEin30 for iOS


With rapid development of mobile app technology this is the passionate era of endless games where the universal player is tempted by the fact that they are provided with familiar game in 30 seconds. GAMEin30 for iOS is the best free app for instant games, giving users a facile solution when they have 30 seconds to play casual, quick and instant games against their favorite kith and kin.

GAMEin30 works expediently like a fast-food store; it serves you an instant meal that users could enjoy with their friends on-the-go. You could find many games to play such as Color Drop, Street Races, Circle Pong, Delicious 2048, etc. All these peculiar games have been developed such that players have a maximum time limit of 30 seconds and once that limit is finished, the game literally ends. The app demands only 30 seconds out of your immense schedule and that’s fun for all.

This GAMEin30 game is played in 3 styles: online, synchronic or in-turns. From any of the modes, the players could invite a person for your challenge via your respective IM messenger. It has intuitively styled Games Keyboard which assists players to pick the game as their liking to play and send it to any individuals from relevant friends list. The game literally appreciated for their fast entertainment.


It is revealed that the games are so much addictive. Once if players experience into multiplayer style of gaming then leaving out is very hard. There is no more do users require spending hours to develop a new record. Every attempt of universal players is counted and that’s why this game regarded far more successful and entertaining.

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