Klocki for iPhone

Klocki for iPhone

Klocki for iPhone by Maciej Targoni is interesting relaxing puzzle game which targets about connecting lines together. If users are in the mood for amazing puzzle game, then this is a best choice to consider.

It is a gorgeous game which features a simple and clean minimalistic design. This Klocki game is actively rendered in 3-D with an optical illusion. It immensely features gray blocks with scrambled up lines on them, and the blocks with lines light up once the solution is instantly solved.

The game is straightforward once you begin to just tap and tinker around with things. This game is level-based, and players go through them one-by-one in linear order. It is illustrated that there are no chapters or worlds to unlock it’s just puzzle after puzzle here.Klocki for iPhone

Once zeal users solve a stage, they move forward to the next one, but could still go back and replay the ones that they have finished already. It is all about connecting the lines. The minimal design of the game is attractive, and the music sounds are better.

All of the blocks that are on the screen would have some line segments on it, and its passionate user’s job to connect them all together for that specific section of blocks. The difficulty curve in the game is normal though. Everything could be actively solved through a bit of logic as well as trial and error practices.

The controls are simple enough for everyone to pick up, and the game play is so much interesting. If someone really master at puzzles they could easily get through this in a few hours.

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