Night Runner – Endless Runner

Night Runner - Endless Runner

In recent few years, it’s become difficult for me to find quality developers who continue to release quality games that I will purchase without hesitation. Fortunately, Night Runner – Endless Runner game developed by TRAPPZ is one of those developers who launched top notch games, and I must admit that they’re rather addictive.

I get stressed out pretty easily, but I’ve always found peace and solace with Endless Runner games they’re my ultimate de-stressor. And while I love a large variety of Endless Runner games, the best game to help me unwind after a long and stressful day are Night Runner – Endless Runner game developed by TRAPPZ .

Night Runner - Endless Runner

What actually surprised me even more was that it was from TRAPPZ who has successful games under their belt. If you enjoyed recent Android game arrivals then you will love what Night Runner – Endless Runner brings to the table. This effectively developed Endless Runner game offers users splendid new experience in night run mode.

Key Features of Night Runner – Endless Runner game

  • Night Runner is a tense 3D endless runner
  • Be strategic and use your skill to your advantage
  • Your goal is to survive the disaster, avoid all the obstacles and escape from the police
  • Fast , tense gameplay, Quick and fluid controls
  • Beautiful, minimalist and colorful graphics
  • Randomly generated levels and Tense action music
  • Challenge yourself and your friends in this game of Endless jumper

Night Runner - Endless Runner

This game was certainly a head-turner because of the unique game concept, which is, at least to me, a perfect app for users. Now that it has making successful impression on Android platform, I can guarantee you that it does satisfy you in many ways.

Finally while I was never really into things like popular titles of game apps, I know many people are, and I will admit, Night Runner – Endless Runner game can certainly bring entertaining experience with quality features about the app.


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