Panoram – Stories Photo Editor

Panoram - Stories Photo Editor

Life has been excited for me lately, but I always take interest in looking for new latest iOS apps which satisfy user’s requirements. The introduction of new mobile apps in iOS platforms are always a great for me and one of my favorite app is Panoram – Stories Photo Editor app developed by Inspioneer BV.

Despite the regular overload of mobile apps and high range of continuing apps from a certain genre level, I find Panoram – Stories Photo Editor to be quality app for all global users. Panoram will divide your panorama into three photos in several easy steps.

Panoram - Stories Photo Editor

Simple to use:

  • Actively select a panorama
  • Modify it as you wish
  • Split it automatically with Panoram
  • Users can share it all over your favorite social networks

With this Panoram – Stories Photo Editor app, you can:

  • Automatically divide uploaded photos into the stories format
  • Move photos up and down, right and left or zoom it in or out until you will be satisfied with the results
  • Preview divided photos right in the application so you can modify them immediately

Panoram – Stories Photo Editor App will turn your panoramic pictures into a 3 slide story in easy steps. The users can select their panoramic photo and move it around so it fit’s the cutting edges correctly. One can simply Zoom-in / Zoom-out and move the picture around by touching your screen.

Panoram - Stories Photo EditorMoreover it is possible to view the result and export. You can swipe to view the full screen pictures, if you are happy export the pictures to your library and post it on your social media story.

Amazingly all photos are expediently generated by Panoram are saved to your photos gallery in the original quality and keeps your original photos stay unchanged. The app is just perfect for instagram stories and easy to use.

In conclusion I choose Panoram – Stories Photo Editor app developed by Inspioneer BV to keep for utilizing all kinds of salient features, it’s good that they introduced with variety of features. Eventually it’s great that users can just buy to get them satisfied by all means.



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