SeaChat – Free Video Calls and Cheap Calls

SeaChat - Free Video Calls and Cheap Calls

With so many apps out there in Play Store it could be hard to know exactly which one is best for you and your friends. To help you make that choice, we have waded through the densely populated mass of cross-platform apps to pick out the best namely SeaChat – Free Video Calls and Cheap Calls developed by Sea-Net Technologies for benefit of global users.

By using this SeaChat – Free Video Calls and Cheap Calls app the zeal users could inherit all their merit oriented aspects. It is also noted that SeaChat cross-platform app supports HD audio video calls with free texts and cheap international calls where one could simply make calls to their friends and family anywhere in the globe.

SeaChat - Free Video Calls and Cheap Calls

In fact to call non-SeaChat landline or mobile phone numbers one must buy one of the minute plans or just utilize pay as you go lucrative rates. In this popular app of SeaChat, your phone number would be your ID. Those from your contacts who are already SeaChat users are automatically detected.

Key Features of SeaChat – Free Video Calls and Cheap Calls Android App

  • Possible to make free audio and video calls to other SeaChat users – HD quality
  • Choices of Free chat and group chat
  • Adept attachments: short videos, audio notes, pictures and document files
  • Top HD voice and high quality video calling
  • Immensely share pictures, videos, voice messages, share contact and locations
  • Choices of cheap International calls to mobiles and landlines numbers worldwide
  • Can be integrated with phonebook
  • SeaChat Web provides free audio and video calls, messages to other SeaChat user’s right from your web browser
  • SeaChat Number would be normal fixed number selected from a list of countries
  • Choices of Voicemail delivered to your email in mp3
  • Professionally develops audio group conferences – talk with many people at the same time
  • You can use Bundle minute plans and attractive pay as you go rates
  • Possible to Record greetings for voicemail
  • Choices of PUSH support – calls and messages reach the user even when the app is closed
  • Selection of Call Transfer
  • Can send text messages with delivery confirmation

SeaChat - Free Video Calls and Cheap Calls

Moreover SeaChat – Free Video Calls and Cheap Calls also have additional features namely as sharing your location, archive chat and group-chat, conference call directly from group-chat, email chat history, media, docs & links view per contact, background image –wallpaper per chat & group-chat. Amazingly there are no ads for sake of users. Altogether this app is wholly appreciated from all corners of global users.


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