Stoned Puzzle

Stoned Puzzle

I happened to come across and stumble upon Stoned Puzzle developed by Karthik while doing my weekly roundup of the popular Play Store games, and I was greatly intrigued since it looked like a special which something set it apart from the others.

Stoned is a familiar puzzle game with simple rules of challenging and fun levels. The players can actively experience slick graphics, loads of levels with varying difficulty and variety in gameplay which would keep you occupied for hours.

Moreover their rules are simple, turn all given stones black without exceeding the number of given moves. Amazingly the game play gets increasingly difficult as you advance, which makes Stoned even more addictive for anyone that loves brain puzzles.

Stoned Puzzle

Stoned Puzzle Game Key features

Mind-puzzling game play

The main goal in Stoned is to make all stones black within the number of allowed moves. Yet it sounds simple but its gameplay would assist to train your brain as each level is more difficult than the previous.

Comprises Multiple levels

Each play pack expediently features 25 different levels, so 125 brain teasers to solve. As passionate players advance there are more stones, different forms, locked stones and other puzzling obstacles.

Stoned Puzzle

Facile to play

Stoned features a 1-finger easy to play mode. The zeal players can just tap’n’drag same colored stones, release them to change their color and the color of adjacent ones.

Enumerates Slick graphics

The players can wholly enjoy a beautiful and calming game design that helps you focus on its gameplay. They are simple and tasteful, not useless eye-candy-ball-popping graphics.

This Stoned Puzzle game was professionally developed by Karthik K, an indie game developer that strongly focuses on developing simple to play yet mind-puzzling games. Stoned is his third release and prove to be a challenge even for the puzzle solvers. Finally  for the developer’s successful release on the Play Store, I trust that they did a splendid job with Stoned Puzzle.


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