Super School for Android

Super School for Android

Though sometimes I do feel like I’ve experienced the best app features that the Google Play Store has to offer, I can’t help but always be on the search out for new mobile app titles that may surprise up, and Super School for Android is certainly one of them.

What actually surprised me even more was that it was from acumen developers namely Toko Innovation Studios, who has other successful apps under their belt, so I had to try out Super School for sake of global app users. If you enjoyed recent Android educational games arrivals then you will love what Super School brings to the table.

Super School for Android is eminent suite of educational games which was expediently developed for parents eager to help their children learn while having fun in order to help them sharpen their minds. Apart from several features Super School is also a safe place for kids to play away from any other distractions, while obviously learning vital skills such as learning shapes, the alphabet, spelling, solving puzzles and more.

Super School for Android

Important Features of Super School

  • Exclusively possess 50+ educational games. It covers the foundational knowledge a toddler or preschooler needs, grouped in more than 50 different games. From practicing handwriting, learning the alphabet, practicing spelling, counting numbers to learning time, there’s always something new fun to do.
  • They include Audio books and global users can induce the habit of reading to your kids by playing them a voiced ebook. Super School comprises new voiced ebooks for children to assist them practice reading and discover captivating stories.
  • Exhibits Classic nursery rhymes and is wholly suitable for calming toddlers as it comprises classical nursery rhymes and also popular kid’s songs. From everyone’s favorite Old McDonald, to Itsy Bitsy Spider, Super School has it all.
  • This popular educational app is co-created with educators and constantly collaborates with early-learning educators that have more than 22+ years of experience when launching new familiar educational games. Their goal is to assist you to teach your kids by combining fun with education.

Super School for Android

This app is familiar for their 50+ Educational Kids Games covering the foundational knowledge a toddler or preschooler needs including topics like -Alphabet Trace, Bubble Phonics Pop, Spell It Right, Odd Even Ninja, Wizard Math, Caterpillar Skip, Color Catch, Match the Fruits and Vegetables, Dot Connect Vehicles, Shape Catch, Grammar Flight, Bank It, Gigi’s Piano, Get the Helpers, Food Run, Planet Catch, Pocket Flags and Farm Maze.

Eventually Super School for Android efficaciously offers a variety of fun games while training different new skills, as well as nursery rhymes and kids songs. It is also noted that 91% of surveyed parents shared that Super School assisted their kids ameliorate language & math skills. More precisely your kids would also love these entertaining and mind challenging games. Super School is a special title I’ll be coming back over again in the future, and I highly recommend it for anyone who wholly enjoys educational game.


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