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Do you want to know the best Google apps for iOS and Android? You’re in the right place!

The giant Google makes it increasingly clear that it is not just a search engine. Proof of this are the countless applications it has developed over the years. We can find hundreds of Google apps on both the Google Play Store for Android and the iOS App Store. And, among so many apps, it’s impossible to know all of them, let alone find the best Google apps for our mobile.

That’s why in this post, we have set out to help you by compiling the best Google apps for both iOS and Android that can’t be missed on your phone.

Google’s best mobile apps

Some of them you will know, but we assure you that many others will surprise you and become essential to you. Stay with us, and don’t miss the best Google apps for your smartphone!

  1. Google Opinion Rewards- App to make money by doing surveys

If you’re a game aficionado and you leave enough cash downloading the most popular ones or buying plugins for those you already have downloaded, this is one of the best Google apps for you.

Google Opinion Rewards is an app where you’ll make money by answering surveys and questionnaires. It’s not like you’re going to get rich with it, you’re not even going to get cash. What you get when you answer these surveys will be virtual money that you can spend on buying games and add-ons for your favorites through Google Play or Play games. Besides, you won’t be able to do as many polls as you want. Google will select the questionnaires for you based on the commercial establishments you have visited in the last few days.

Still, by answering a couple of polls, you can, for example, buy gems in Clash Royale or download that game you’ve wanted to buy for weeks. You can download Google Opinion Rewards for free for Android, and it is also available for iOS.

  1. Files Go – App to free mobile memory space

Although only available for Android, this Google app we’re going to talk about IS Files Go: free space. As its name indicates, this application serves to manage better and release storage space on Android devices.

Today, most mobile phones have some app built in to manage and free space, but its effectiveness, in many things, leaves much to be desired. If your device is Android, even if it has an app built-in for this purpose, we recommend you download Files Go right now.

Files Go: free space will tell you the memory you have available and what you occupy the rest. With it, you can do a thorough cleaning of all the trash you store on the phone, temporary files and delete the files that are repeated. Also, you can delete from it the photos and videos of WhatsApp or, if you prefer, you can share these files, or those you want, with other users of this application who are close to you.

  1. Google Photos

Enter the best Google applications can never miss a mention of Google Photos. This is certainly the best Google app, and we can almost say iOS, too, to store, manage and organize all your photos.

Among its many features, Google Photos is responsible for backing up all your photos and videos and saving them in the cloud so that they are always safe. In addition, it allows you to upload the images to the cloud in standard quality, in which case you will enjoy unlimited storage space or you can upload them with their original resolution but in this case you will occupy the space you have in Drive, which is limited.

If you still don’t use Google Photos, don’t delay in installing it on your mobile. You can do this via THIS LINK for Android or download Google Photos for iOS on this one. We assure you you will be delighted!

  1. Google Keep – App to organize

Google Keep is an app to take notes virtual you will be of great help to organize your day-to-day, writing down important notes, create reminders of events, dates, and events, etc., you can Even take notes by hand when you can think of an idea suddenly and want to leave it written quickly.

Another handy function of the app is the ability to create lists. You can make your own or if you want you can create collaborative lists; this can serve, for example, to make a shopping list before you go to that beach house for the weekend with all your friends. Also, Google Keep is integrated with Google Docs, so you can take your Keep notes to Docs with complete ease and manage your bills, reminders, and lists as you like.

You can enjoy all the features of Google Keep On Android, and you also have available the iOS version in addition to the web version.

  1. Control data expenditure with Datally

This is another of the best Google apps that is only available for Android. With Datally, formerly known as Triangle, it is an application with which you can control the mobile data you consume at any time. In addition, you can set spending thresholds and create alerts so you don’t miss them. This way, you will have at all times under control the data you consume and you will not be left without the beginning of the month.

  1. Google Fit – App health

To finish this post on Google’s best apps, let’s talk about one designed to take care of ourselves. It is Google Fit and, like the previous one, it is only available for Android.

With Google Fit, you can measure the physical activity you do daily, the steps you take, the hours of sleep, the calories burned per day. Among many other parameters. To use this app, you do not need to have smart band, you will take the different measures with the help of GPS, with the pedometer or gyroscope among others. In addition, it incorporates an impressive system of achievements to challenge yourself and overcome your day by day is more fun and satisfying.

Although your Mobile will surely integrate some Home app to measure your health status, we recommend you download Google Fit right now. It is one of the complete applications for this purpose, and we are sure it will give you a great result. Download it right now via THIS LINK and start taking care of your health, thanks to Google.