Being for iPhone

It is amazing to wonder what your adorable celebrities or quality bloggers see when they log on to familiar Instagram. So eventually for sake of universal app users Being for iPhone new app is professionally introduced which permit do just that – view Instagram through the eyes of your favorite users.

While it might seem good initially, the popular Instagram’s follower lists are public so you could technically recreate your friends and other global users feeds if you like to, just but not in such a seamless way. When international app users first log on, they would see a list of some of the top names on the app. There are several categories to pick from, like celebrities, elegant artists, strong athletes and users were surprised to see modern techies in there as well.

If users like to snoop on your friends, they could expediently link their own account and view the respective feeds of the people you follow. To see what their feed looks like, all you have to do is choose amazing one. They could efficaciously take a little while to load but its quality enough to make it worth the wait. Most eminent celebrities follow a tiny number of accounts in comparison to the wide number of individuals who follow them so it is amazing to see how tight their feed is and the typical kind of individuals they are following as well. It’s obvious from the get-go that Being isn’t just a best complementary app for Instagram users.

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