Best Utility Apps of 2019

What a smartphone “smart” does are its applications. On Android, there is no shortage, with an estimated 2.6 million, and this means that there are apps for everything, even for the most absurd ends. Here we collect the opposite conclusion: the best Android apps today.

Here we will mix essential apps from yesterday and today with apps released recently, known and little unknown, choosing only the best ones for their concept, functions, and design. We will update this article frequently to add new applications that you should not miss.

  1. Action Dash

We started the list with one of the most recent apps: Action Dash. From the creator of the famous Action Launcher, it is the same concept as Google’s ‘Digital Wellbeing,’ but available for all mobile phones with Android Lollipop or above.

Like Google’s digital wellness, it allows you to keep track of how long you use each application, how many notifications, and how many times you’ve unlocked your mobile. You have no tools to limit the use of apps for the time being, so their use is now informative.

  1. Canva

Have you ever wondered how they make some social media accounts to create such good designs? Facebook Stories, Instagram, Facebook Stories, or any other purpose. Sometimes it is not necessary to lose the afternoon in Photoshop, but an application with ready-to-use templates, so that you can easily create images for Instagram, Facebook Stories, or any other purpose.

With about 60,000 free templates, it’s hard not to find one that meets your requirements, whether it’s an Instagram post, a birthday card, a logo or anything else, adding your photos and texts.

  1. Feedly

It is essential to keep up with the latest news, if possible without the need to install the official application of each medium, as there would be too many. That’s just what Feedly does, one of the easiest ways to follow a lot of blogs and themes from a single place.

In Feedly, you can keep up to date with any topic, with a clear interface that makes reading enjoyable and the ability to save items late and continue reading on other devices (for example, on PC with the web version).

  1. Gboard

Gboard – formerly known as “the Google Keyboard” – started its Android walk as one more keyboard, with the peculiarity that it had a Google button to search for animated GIF and little more. Over time, however, it has managed to reach the height of heavyweights such as SwiftKey based on updates and is probably the best keyboard app today.

With unbeatable language support, new customization options, floating keyboard option, offline voice writing, clipboard management, and more news coming in almost every week, it seems a lie that it only takes two years between us.

  1. Gmail

The Gmail app for Android is almost older than the sun but has managed to stay among the best email applications based on updates and renovations. The last came recently, with the new Theming material interface (and an extra white).

Gmail not only manages Gmail email accounts, but you can add Yahoo, Outlook, or any other address accounts, thus enjoying a light and intelligent app.

  1. Google Keep

Google Keep is one of the best apps to take notes on Android. As in other applications of the company, began better with the basics and gradually has become imperative to base to add new features without compromising his agility or ease of use.

Among its advanced features is the possibility of adding reminders per place (i.e., as soon as you reach a particular area), with the possibility of sharing notes with other people for their collaborative editing.

  1. Google Photos

Google Photos is a peculiar case as far as Google applications are concerned because instead of doing just one thing, its focus is a little scattered. It is in part an application of gallery (a regular job), in part as a backup service, in the region, an editor of photos and videos, in section, an advanced system of search of images.

Just because of the excellent photo search for your content, you already deserve to be on our list, but Google Photos can do much more like sharing albums with other people, creating romantic videos or your pets.

  1. Sleeve Plus

There are many applications to read comics and manga, but they are official, legal, free, and include a lot of popular manga publications worldwide, not so many. Also, in Spanish.

Available titles include One Piece, My Hero Academia, Hunter x Hunter, Naruto, Bleach, Death Note, or Dragon Ball. The app is in Spanish and some of the comics, too (the rest are in English or Japanese).