Google Wallet for iOS

The modern development of mobile app technology has been considerably ameliorated. A recent Press Release from The APPS Review describes that Google Wallet for iOS has been successfully launched for purpose of international app users. After eminent launch of Android Pay earlier this month, Google has now released a new version of its Wallet app for iOS to simplify money transfers between relevant contacts in the US.

This Google Wallet for iOS allows you to send and request money from anyone in the States using just their email address. One doesn’t require having the app installed. It is also facile to split tabs at restaurants with a few taps.


The users also could easily request a physical Google Wallet debit card to spend your account balance in brick-and-mortar establishments or progressively withdrawing it from an ATM. If international app users prefer, they could simply transfer Wallet money to your debit card or relevant bank account. The popular app has also got a visual refresh and advantageous features with new Google logo.

The international users could split bills or other respective expenses with your friends and immediately request the amount each person owes. It’s an absolute simple method to settle up. It is quiet possible to use it to pay at numerous locations in the US, wherever Debit MasterCard is generally accepted, or use it for withdraw cash from ATMs. Eventually this app is overwhelmingly supported and appreciated from all corners of app users.

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