Lion Chief for Android

The first things which can be say that Lion Chief is a very simple cute game to play. It is very light weigh on your iOS devices and consumes only about 50Mb of your device memory. The game has an infinite loop of running of a lion that is always hungry and wants to hunt some meat. Lion Chief for Android is widely appreciated by all corners of global app users.

He aim to eats meat on his way and avoid objects which are placed between his paths. Single tap on screen makes a jump and if you tap twice it does long jump. On the way of Lion there some items like meat, a cute little rabbit, horrible cage and burning fire. The Lion have to eat the meat and rabbit and to avoid cage and fire which is harmful. You get one point when he eats every piece of meat and five points for every rabbit which the Lion catch to chomp.

High scores are obtained by every piece of meat and rabbit which he hunt and the distance which he travelled before hitting the fire or the cadge. One of the most important features of any game is missing here. You cannot continue your running if you have to go somewhere for any work. Every time when you stop paying, you have to start over again when you return to the game.

Lion chief has many good features are also available which makes it more attractive, like its graphics are so colorful and eye catching. User interface is also very good and perfectly designed so that their users do not get bored while playing in a long session. Players of any age group can enjoy it easily due to its simple commands of controlling. This game gives a high speed motion and beautiful interface make it a full fun package and you can play it even you don’t know how to use an iOS device. By this example you can judge its level of simplicity.

Yet, the elements which truly put it beside any contenders are the measure of game play it gives. Due to the presence of so many levels, consistent upgrades which includes shiny new elements and in-application particular offers and rewards, the game will stay crisp and playable for quite a long time on any iOS and android gadget it is introduced. No other comparative gaming application can match this level of game play wisdom and assorted qualities.

Lion chief is an intelligently planned and developed game, which is clear from the first moment of its launch. As a result of its phenomenal visual style and a consistent update framework, it will give a considerable measure of amusing to everybody who plays it.

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