Lost Socks for iOS

Lost Socks for iOS by Power Place Publishing LP is an intense run-and-gun game that efficaciously appeals to both hardcore gamers and casuals alike. If passionate players enjoy challenging arcade games, then Lost Socks: Naughty Brothers would be best favorite choices with the unique style, humor, and interesting game play.

There are several challenging levels and boss fights, missions to finish, weapons and quality upgrades to earn, and special combos to perform. Due to presence of the high replay value of Lost Socks: Naughty Brothers is guaranteed to keep global users busy for quite some time.

Lost Socks has a superlative and polished art style which professionally reminds comic books and graphic novels. The game makes use of bright and vibrant colors. The levels are also effectively detailed with small details and textures. The character models are intelligently rendered with fluid movements, and animations are smooth.

In this game the global users will have to make their way through a large world map in order to find missing sock brother and defeat the boss in order to get back home again. The users could search numerous missions which you could finish to earn more button coins, which are needed for better weapons, power-ups, and even character perks. Despite the hard level, this popular game can still be played by more casual gamers.

The controls in the game are simple. At the start of each level, your sock will run forward automatically, so global users don’t have to worry about direction. In order to be best at Lost Socks the international players will have to master the timing and proper use of the controls. The users could also have a short tutorial in the beginning that would enumerate all of the controls to you. To make things even more sensational in the game, there are some combos that global players can perform for bonus points on a level.

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