Send for Android

The app developers are efficaciously working for marvel of several mobile applications globally. In a latest Press Release from The APPS Review they enumerate about Send for Android. The global giant Microsoft has successfully launched their Send app for Android after originally making it available to iOS passionate users.

It is found that zeal app users got an overwhelming support with this latest Send for Android. It is a new take on emails which professionally removes the subject line and signatures. They take you instantly to your respective contacts list. It basically turns your emails into reputed WhatsApp-style conversations. It virtually means the conversation doesn’t have to stop when users put down their phone. Send messages are efficaciously delivered to your email inbox, too. It allows you to respond from your computer.

You could find numerous beneficial features where they had advance update of being the addition of GIF support. Send app users could spam each other in the most quality way possible. Send is presently only a selection for Office 365 users with business and education accounts so it is appreciated from all genres of app users. Send is perfectly based on email where the users could message anyone with a valid email address. You have no additional sign up steps and the individual user message could progressively respond from anywhere, even if they don’t have the relevant app. Microsoft effectively cherishes fresh acumen ideas into real projects. It is therefore familiar app among international users.

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