TextMe Up for Android

With rapid development of modern mobile app technology there is latest qualitative application called TextMe Up for Android towards benefit of users. If you’re the right type of person who regrets having your phone number in your email signature or that if don’t have any respective second SIM, then TextMe Up for Android is right app for you.

It is primarily thought that Dual-SIM phones aren’t the customary norm in Europe and not enough for users who need multiple numbers to keep everything on advantageous track, without need of compromising on privacy or specific time.

From the efficacious developers of TextMe, the cogent service expediently turns any connected device into a phone, TextMe Up for Android specially permit global user to develop multiple phone numbers to call and text anyone in the universe, even if they are not utilizing the respective app. The different numbers could not be controlled from one account and updated or deleted as global app users need them. It is conveyed that apt numbers could be set to appear based in the countries namely in US, UK, Canada, Germany and France.

You could find multiple numbers which are facile to recognize in the app with many customizable labels and attractive colors for each one illustrated at the top of the keypad. It is affirmed that your first number is free but international users need purchasing additional numbers depending on the location. Interestingly having multiple phone numbers is one vital way to control a level of privacy and effectively manage your cogent contacts which virtually means that global app users could disconnect more from particular calls when it is needed. So if users go on special holiday vacation, they could easily disable their work account and avoid any undue interruption.

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