XNSPY: Facebook spying app for iOS and Android

XNSPY: Facebook spying app for iOS and Android

Spying is the new digital trend that everyone is looking up to these days. The word that was once despised and awed is now considered an appendage for our lives. In recent few years, mobile spying has also incremented its value from being disparaged to something quirky, peculiar and effective for keeping tabs on spouse, employees and kids.

Rather than getting into the intricacies or legalities of spying apps, let’s get down to what this Facebook spying app is capable of.

XNSPY—Big brother isn’t probably watching you, but XNSPY is

It’s awkward but it’s true—you don’t necessarily need to have Tinder on your smart phone to find a date these days. Facebook isn’t just turning into a commercial platform for thousands of small-scale business to promote their products and services, but is also turning into a dynamic stage where anonymous interactions are aggrandizing. If you are worried that your spouse could be finding a date, X can help. If you are scared that your child could be over sharing on social networks, XNSPY can be your savior. Apparently, this app will watch over your every kind of online activity, including that from Facebook.

Features & Pricing

XNSPY is a Facebook spying app that you can install on any iOS and Android device to spy on phone logs, social media and multimedia. If you want to spy/monitor your child, employee or even spouse, xnspy is a simple and affordable solution. The app isn’t dedicated entirely for Facebook spying; in fact, there are many other features that you really need to look at. The following isn’t an exhaustive list of the features, but you will still have a nice walk through of this app.

  • Social media spying – With XNSPY, you can turn up to any famous instant messaging app to access its call logs, shared multimedia and chats. This Facebook spying app can be used to spy on Facebook, WhatsApp, Viber, line, Skype, Kik, Instagram and iMessage.
  • Tinder spying – If you want to use xnspy for spouse spying, you can also try the Tinder spy feature.
  • Remote commands – If you are planning to use this app as a monitoring tool, XNSPY has some remote command features that can turn really helpful. You can block a person’s access to their smart phone, or you could take a screenshot of their smart phone activity. And if that’s not enough, you can also use the Remote Data Wipe feature to delete user data from the spied devices.
  • GPS tracking – If online monitoring has given you some leads, you can also use the GPS tracking feature to catch your target red-handed. Or you can use it to ensure outdoor safety of your child. Thousands of parents have already been using XNSPY to monitor their kids’ cell phone activity.

There are two different packages offered. The Basic edition, that’s available for $8.33/month, is just about monitoring phone logs like calls, SMS, emails, online browsing history with limited social media access (WhatsApp, Kik, Line, etc.). You can also use the location history of a person using the basic features of this app. If you need more, like the real-time tracking, remote commands or Tinder tracking, you will have to opt for the premium version at $12.49/month.

Is it really good?

If you want to use an app that’s discrete, non-intrusive and cost-effective, xnspy is really worth a try. It’s better than the rest for many reasons, but the pricing is really playing major role in this app’s success. Moreover, it literally spies on every phone log off a device. It’s easy to use and install on a device. It is also compatible with all Android and iOS devices. What else do you need? Let us know your experience if you have used XNSPY.

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